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I’ve been an osteopath since 1995. As well as running clinics in Brighton and Lewes I’ve worked at the European School of Osteopathy as a clinic tutor and spent over 2 decades at Brighton’s much loved charity Dolphin house Children’s clinic as a practitioner and a clinic director.


I’ve worked as an ergonomic consultant in London and have trained in Pilates and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.


My ethos is to treat for the quickest possible recovery and if required provide the right exercise/rehab plans and posture advice for the individual to maintain things long term.


I am very careful to gauge the level at which my clients are able (or willing ) to manage exercise and rehab advice, keeping things as simple and easy as possible.

Treatment Details

Appointments are 40 mins which gives ample time for discussion, examination, treatment and if necessary rehabilitation exercise and posture coaching.


I encourage clients to wear (or bring) loose (or gym) clothing so that evaluation and treatment can be done without unnecessary removal of clothing.


I will take a history of your injury or problem and any relevant medical or musculoskeletal history. I then do a physical examination which involves doing some simple movements and me palpating (feeling) the relevant areas.


Having worked out what the diagnosis is I will use the appropriate manual techniques and following this treatment I’ll advise on any exercise/rehab/posture plans you might need to be doing at home and discuss how much and whether you need any further treatment. If there is a clear need for tests (eg X-ray or Scans) or referral to your GP or another specialist, I will discuss the reasoning and advise you on arranging this.


I use a wide range of osteopathic and manual techniques (and exercise/rehab prescription) from manipulation/articulation, myo-fascial /soft tissue release techniques to cranial osteopathy. Where a client has through past experience found the technique that works for them I am able to apply those same approaches.

I take care to ensure treatment is as gentle and comfortable as possible and will also prescribe exercise/rehab plans or postural advice if your injury requires that for a full and lasting recovery.