Homeworker heal thyself

Don’t blame Carole Baskins…..Get your dodgy lockdown home workstation sorted with 5 top tips

You’re suddenly a homeworker fighting with cereal packets for space at the kitchen table, slumped over a low slung laptop on a wobbly ikea dining chair staring at the bright blue April sky through the window.
Your back needs better but you can’t remember anything from that desk assessment in 2015. Look no further homeworker, help is here.

1 Pimp the chair – Too low? Put a cushion on it.
2 No lumbar support? Stick a pillow or a sack of basmati rice behind your back (and tuck the pillow case over the top of the backrest if it keeps falling off).
3 Feet dangling or tip toeing to floor? Put one of your emergency packs of toilet rolls down as a footrest.
4 Laptop screen way to low and neck locking up as you hunch forward? Order a plug-in keyboard and mouse then plonk the laptop on top of an assembly of those novels you were going to take on your summer holiday.
5 Aim to do at least a little exercise every day. A mash of yoga or Pilates you vaguely remember, a good walk, YouTube HIT vid, Joe Wicks. Whatever you fancy but move your bod.